Esha 2000 – Fungus, Finrot And Bacteria Treatment

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Expiry Date : Mar-2028
ESHa 2000 Treats Over 18 Symptoms And Disease Organisms.

ESHa 2000 Treats Over 18 Symptoms And Disease Organisms. For Example Primary And Secondary Fungal Infections (White Or Slightly Off White Film Or Fluffy Growths On The Mouth, Fins Or Body Of Your Fish), Bacterial Skin Infections And Skin / Gill Parasites, Protozoan Parasites (Discoloured Skin Patches, Cloudy Fins, Rubbing Against Plants, Decor And Gravel), Ulcers And Wounds, Dropsy, Shimmying Disease And Fin Rot. An Added Advantage Is Its Ability To Assist Wound Healing And To Protect The Skin Layer. ESHa 2000 Also Blocks Neon Tetra Disease.


Ethacridine Lactate 6.3 Mg,
Copper Sulphate 8.0 Mg,
Proflavine Hemisulphate 1 Mg In Water

Dosage Calculator:

The Dosage For The Treatment Can Be Calculated From The Dosage Calculator Here.

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm




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