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API® MELAFIX Fish Remedy Is An All-Natural Antibacterial Treatment That Works To Treat Infections In Fish. Common Bacterial Infections Are Open Wounds And Abrasions, Tail Rot, Eye Cloud, And Mouth Fungus. MELAFIX Fish Remedy Also Promotes Regrowth Of Damaged Fins And Tissue. Product May Be Used When Adding Fish To An Aquarium – Particularly To Smooth The Transition From Store To Home – And If An Infection Is Suspected, But Not Yet Diagnosed. Some Fish Bought In Pet Stores Are Already Carrying Diseases At The Time Of Purchase, Which May Be Difficult To Detect In Its Early Stages. API MELAFIX Fish Remedy Will Not Adversely Affect The Biological Filter, Alter The PH, Or Discolor Water.


API Melafix Effectively Treats,

  • Fin And Tail Rot (Caused By Flavobacterium, Nocardia, Mycobacterium And Pseudomonas Species.)
  • Dropsy And Malawi Bloat (Fish Develop A Bloated Appearance Due To Accumulation Of Fluid In The Body Cavity Caused By Myxobolus Cerebralis And Internal Aeromonas Bacterial Infections)
  • Bacterial Hemorrhagic Septicemia (Fish Show Blood Streaks In The Fins And Body Caused By Pseudomonas, Aeromonas Or Streptococcus)
  • Eye Cloud, Body Slime (Caused By Bacterial Pathogens That Include Pseudomonas, Mycobacterium Or Streptococcus. Parasitic Pathogens Include Trichodina, Ichthyobodo, And Chilodonella)
  • Open Red Sores (Caused By Aeromonas)
  • Mouth Fungus – Saddleback Disease (Caused By Flavobacterium Columnaris)
  • Bacterial Gill Disease (Caused By Pseudomonas And Mycobacterium)

Dosage Calculator:

Add 5 Ml. For Each 10 Gallons Of Aquarium Water. For Disease Or Wound Treatment, Dose Daily For 7 Days. After 7 Days, Make A 25% Water Change. Continue Treatment, If Necessary. For Adding New Fish, Dose Daily For 3 Days.

Extended Product Information:

Detailed Product Information Over Here For In-Depth Explanation.

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