Aquatic Remedies Paracidol

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AQUATIC REMEDIES Paracidol Freshwater Is A Broad Spectrum Anti Parasitic Copper Based Remedy For Fresh Water Fish, Effective Against External Free- Swimming Parasites Such As Lernea Sp (Anchor Worm), Argulus Sp (Fish Lice), Ichthyophthiruius Multifillis (White Spot / Ich), Gill Flukes, Costia, Cloudy Eye And Other Disease Causing External Parasites. This Pond Medications Is Successfully Tested Against Koi Sleeping Syndrome And All Other External Parasites.
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One Remedy For

  • Koi Sleeping Disease
  • White Spot (Ich)
  • Anchor Worm
  • Fish Lice
  • Gill Flukes
  • Costia Parasite
  • Arowana Parasites
  • Flowerhorn Diseases
  • Flowerhorn Diseases
  • Discus External Parasites
  • Gold Fish Parasites And Other External Parasites

Dosage: 10 Ml / 100 Liter.

Note: To Be Used In Freshwater Systems Only And Not To Be Used With Invertebrates And Scaleless Fish.

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Aquatic Remedies


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