X-Lone Media & X-Bac Bacteria (NA-001) Bio Sponge Filter


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Word's First Natural Bio-Active Hybrid media Filter Rinse the filter sponge in clean water Sprinkle X-Bac powder on wet sponge surface If any powder remains dissolve it in aquarium Fix the sponge back and operate filter through air inlet

World’s first Natural Bio-active Hybrid media Filter

X-LONE is negatively charged and absorbs ammonia and render it harmless
X-LONE absorbs excess nutrients hence controls ‘Algae’ growth
X-LONE removes odor and yellowish color
X-LONE keeps aquarium water crystal clear and can be replaced with refill pack

X – Bac is active bacterial spores which can be innoculated in the sponge filter
X – Bac colonize and starts to grow in ‘sponge media and filter media
X – Bao keep water clean and fish healthy
X – Bao decompose fish waste and un-eaten feed

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 15 cm


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