Argulus Armor

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Freshwater Fish Lice Are Members Of The Argulus Genus. These Macroscopic Parasites Are Visible To The Naked Eye And Look Like Grey, Brown, Or Green Spots On Your Fish’s Skin. BNT’s Argulus Armor Acts By Interference With The Synthesis Of Chitin. Demand For Chitin Is Greatest At The Moult Between Growth Stages And Hence Insects Are Killed Due To Disruption Of The Moulting Process.BNT’s Argulus Armor Is The Most Effective Treatment For Such Lice And Anchor Worms.

Key Features

1.Suitable For Both Freshwater And Saltwater

2.For Treatment Of Lice And Anchor Worms

Directions For Use

1.Shake The Bottle Well Before Usage.

2.Remove Activated Carbon From You Filter (If Any), Switch Off The UV Light.

3.Dose 1ml For 50L Of Aquarium Water In Your Tank.

4.After Every 40-80 Hours We Recommend A 20% Water Change With Aqua Safe Water Conditioner And Nature Care To Keep Your Fishes Stress Relived.

5.Repeat The Dosege Every 48 Hours For A Total Of 10 Treatments (I.E 3 Weeks)

6.Reduce Feeding By 25% For Three Weeks Or Until You Are Treating Your Fishes.

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