Calcium Booster – 500ml


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Increase hardness of water, Gill Gap, Hatching Ratio, Immunity booster

Concentrations of calcium and magnesium are seldom measured in waters for every Aquarium. Bubbles N Troubles Calcium booster function is a simple and easy way to maintain calcium levels for small aquarium systems or ones that do not have high calcium demands along with to minimise the rise in pH that can occur when photosynthesis rates are high. Vitamin C probably is the most important because it is a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator for fishes/ shrimps. The fish and shrimp body needs vitamin C to remain in proper health condition. BNT’s Booster will also reduce your Ph levels to level for your fishes to thrive.

Benefits :
Can be used to help raise dGH hardness
Vitamin C to boost your fishes immunity
Essential Micronutrients that plants & corals need for Grow
Helps in Reducing Gill Gaps and Broken Fins in Fry’s
Increases the fertilisation of fish species
Helps in keeping your fishes healthy
Detoxifies the livers of the fishes
Eliminates Outbreaks of Algae
Prevents bacterial infections from spreading rapidly and developing into sores on the body of fishes

Direction of Use :
Shake well before use
Add 5ml to 12 litres of Aqaurium Water.

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 15 cm





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