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For Saltwater & Fresh Water

Removes And Controls All Types Of Algae. Cleans Algae On Glass Walls And Plantation

CLEAR DISPLAY Controls The Main And Most Persistent Types Of Algae In Freshwater Aquariums, And Does So Without Causing Harm To Your Fish Or Plants. You Can Use CLEAR DISPLAY As Part Of Your Aquarium Maintenance Routine, Or To Directly Treat And Control Algae. Weekly Small Doses Of CLEAR DISPLAY Will Control Algal Growth And Reduce Aquarium Maintenance Over Time. Do Not Use With Freshwater Crustaceans, Including Shrimp, Crabs, And Lobsters.

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  • Removes All Kind Of Algae From Your Tank And Plantation
  • Polishes Your Water And Increases The Water Quality
  • Safe For All Aquatic Life
  • Clear Your Tank Wall / Glass For A Better Looking Experience
  • Makes A Safe Environment For Your Aquatic Pets

Directions Of Usage:

  • Shake Bottle Well Before Using, To Remove Algae From Your Tank Or Plantation:
  • Add 1 Ml For Each 1 U.S. Gallons (3.7 L)
  • Recommended To Use Above Does Every 24 Hour Interval For 2 – 3 Days Consecutively
  • Do Not Pour Directly On Any Fish Body.
  • 50% Water Change Is Compulsory With Aqua Safe Or Aqua Betta Safe After Completion Of Treatment.
  • Do Not Mix This Treatment With Any Other Medication Or On Going Treatment.

CLEAR DISPLAY Is Not A Medication And Is Not Intended To Be A Substitute For Any Chemotherapeutic Agent.


Non-Toxic To Humans, Pets & Aquatic Life
For Ornamental Pond And Aquarium Fish Use Only.
Not For Human, Medical Or Food Fish Use.

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