Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer Plus

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Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer Plus Is A Flubendazole-Based Medication, With Added PH Buffer Is The Most Effective Against Outbreaks Of Gill Flukes (Dactylogyrus), Skin Flukes (Gyrodactylus), Intestinal Helminths (Including Tapeworm, Nematodes- “Roundworms”, Planaria- “Flatworms”, Capillaria, Camallanus Nematodes, Metacercaria, Sanguinicola), Hexamita, Anchor Worm (Lernea) And Fish Lice (Argulus). This Is A Ready-Mixed Formula For The Treatment Of Internal Parasites, Worms, Flukes And Protozoa Like Hexamita That Affect Tropical & Cold Water Fish.

Flubendazole Is The Effective Main Active Ingredient, & Works Differently To Other Fluke Treatments By Gently Starving The Parasite; Making This Product Perfectly Safe For Regular Usage. Naturally Sourced Calcium Carbonate Is Blended In & Acts As A Gentle Booster And ‘Pick Me Up’ After The Pests Are Killed. A Minuscule Amount Of Natural Calcium Carbonate (0.01g) Is Blended With The Flubendazole To Adjust A Very Slight Drop In PH From Adding The Flubendazole. This Cleverly Balances Out This Medication Making Very Little (If Any) Difference To PH When Using Wormer Plus.

Use When:

Fish Start To Show Signs Of Weight Loss Although Maintaining A Healthy Appetite. Fish May Appear Lethargic With Loss Of Colour. Often Fins Remain Clamped, And They May Flick/Rub. They May Also Spend Unusual Amounts Of Time At The Surface.

Cloverleaf’s Pro-Strength Formula Rapidly Reduces Gut Parasite Burden On Fish In Fresh Water. Discus Had A Bad Name As A Difficult Fish To Keep, Some Said Imposable. NOT SO, Just Misunderstood. As Long As They Have The Right Conditions & Free Of Parasites They Are Just As Easy To Keep As Any Other Tropical Fish. Discus Keeping In The Old Days Was Regarded As A Fish Shrouded In Mystery, And Difficult To Keep. Just To Be Kept By The Experts And The Highly Experienced. It Is Recommended To Worm Your Discus Once A Month For Trouble Free Discus Keeping And This Will Give Them A Flying Start If Introducing New Stock. Now Keeping Your Favourite Tropical Fish Has Never Been Easier.We Highly Recommend To Treat Discus And Other Aquarium Fish Once A Month With Cloverleaf Absolute Wormer Plus To Keep Your Valued Discus & Fish In Tip Top Health.


  • Endorsed By Chris Ingham Of Plymouth Discus And Author Of Discus World Book.
  • Full Instructions On The Back Of Packet.
  • Can Be Used With Other Aquarium Medications.
  • Will Not Interfere With Your Biological Filter
  • Wormer Plus Can Be Used At Any Temperature And Will Not Harm Plants.
  • 100% Safe To Use On All Tropical Fish Including Puffer Fish And Free-Swimming Fry From One Week Old.
  • A Handy 30UK Gallon Measuring Scoop Is Supplied In Every Packet, Simplifying Dosing
  • Will Not Raise Your PH
  • Marketed With The Small Animal Exemption Scheme, Legal, And Passed With Risk Phrases And Safety Phrases



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