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FOR SALTWATER & FRESH WATER AQUARIUM Effective In The Treatment Of Mature And Immature Gastrointestinal Worms Bubbles N Troubles De-WORMer Is An Antihelmintic (Anti-Worm) Agent That Works To Get Rid Of Unwanted Parasites In Your Aquarium, And Boosts Your Pets' Depressed Immune Systems. Relied Upon By Both Aquatic Hobbyists And Experienced Professionals.

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De-WORMer Enables You To Combat Worms And Parasites Quickly And Safely:

Camallanus, Nematodirus / Nematodes, Threadworms, Cooperia, Eustrongylides, Capillaria & Contracaecum
Stomach Worms:
Haemonchus, Ostertagia & Trichostrongylus
Nodular Worms:
Oesophagostomum & Chabertia
Hook Worms:
Bunostomum, Necator & Ancylostoma
Lung Worms:


  • Feed Your Fishes As You Normally Would.
  • Remove Activated Carbon And UV Lights From Your Filter (If Any).
  • Shake Bottle Well,Beforeuse.
  • Doa75%WaterchangewithBNT’sAQUASAFEorAQUABETTASAFE.
  • Add 1ml Of De-WORMer Per 4 Gallon (16 Litres) Of Aquarium Water Into Your Tank. Treat With The Lights Off And Increased Aeration For 24 Hours.
  • After 24 Hours, Repeat Step 3 And Vacuum To Remove Any Paralyzed Worms In The Substrate. Return Tank To Normal Lighting/Feeding/Cleaning Cycle.
  • Repeat Steps 3 – 6 For Treating Again In 5-7 Days. 8) Repeat This Process Every 3 Weeks.
  • De-WORMer Can Be Used As An Indefinite And Safe Treatment At Suggested Dosage. Keep In Refrigerator At 4 Deg. C For Long Duration Storage Once Opened.

Do Not Exceed Stated Dose.
NOTE: De-WORMer Is Not Intended For Human Consumption
For Ornamental Pond And Aquarium Fish Use Only.
Not For Human, Medical Or Food Fish Use.

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30ml, 100ml, 500ml




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