Discus The Naked Truth

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Discus, The Naked Truth Was Specially Written For All Level Of Discus Lovers From Amateurs To Professionals. This Book Covers All Aspects Of Discus Breeding And Reveal Many Previously Untold Tricks And Secrets In Ornamental Fish Trade.


The Is A Book About Discus, Known As ‘The King Of All Aquarium Fishes’. Discus Has Survived Through Time, Maintaining Fairly Interesting Price-Tag Even Though Breeding Them Successfully Is A Breeze! Most Challenging About Keeping Discus Is That, Once A While, Mother Nature Adds In New Mutants Into The Industry To Expand The Gene Pool! Hence, With The Injection Of Mutants Into The Existing Gene Pool (Expanding Genetic Material) And Through Genetic Manipulation (Simple Genetic Engineering), More New Variants Are Produced To Continuously Excite The Market.

With More Than 30 Years In Discus Breeding, I Finally Published This Book In Hardcover In 2005 Revealing The Truth About The Discus Fish….And The Myths That Many Believed And Which Deterred Them From Keeping This Wonderful Hobby Alive. To My Surprise, Publishing This Book Not Only Brought Me Fame And Recognition, I Made So Many New Acquaintances Around The Globe And Gain Numerous Trips Around The World, Not Only Giving Talk And Seminars On Discus But Also Conferences On Ornamental Fish And Good Biosecurity Practices. For Your Information, I’m Proud To Say, “Discus The Naked Truth” 4,000 Printed Copy Were Sold Out.

Can Hobbyists And Breeders Of Other Ornamental Fish Benefit From Reading This Book? They Will Benefit Too! There Are Some Tips And Knowledge Which They Can Apply To Other Ornamental Fish Culture. I Used To Have A 1.95 Hectares Farmland With More Than 1000 Glass Tanks And 1000 Cement Tanks Producing Many Ornamental Fishes. Therefore, The Knowledge And Experience Acquired Has Been Squeezed And Forcefully Inserted Into This Small Book. I Must Take The Opportunity To Thank All The Many Who Read My Book, Thanking Me For Writing This Book. They Claimed This Is One Of The Best Book If Not The Best On Discus! Check It Out For Yourself!

It Covers:

1.The Different Tank Systems For Mass Culture Or Breeding

2.Growing You Own Artemia (Sea-Monkey)

3.Selecting Your Best Discus Thus Avoiding Deformities And Regrets

4.Quarantine Method

5.Identifying The Gender Of Your Discus (Sexing)

6.Grooming Your Discus For Competition

7.Discus Genetics And How To Improve Different Phenotypes

8.Diseases And Treatment Methods (Alleviate Your Stress)

9.Commonly Used Drugs And Chemicals In Hatchery

10.Possible Scenarios And Problems Pertaining To Discus And How To Trouble-Shoot

11.A Collection Of Discus Photographs From Old To The Latest Variants

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