Discusx Fluke X(Praziquantel) – Effective Against Gill & Body Flukes, Tapeworms

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Add 2 Products and get this product at ₹ 1600.00 FlukeX Is A Highly Effective And Safe Treatment For Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes ( And Tape Worms. This Product Is Pure And Only A Little Amount Is Needed For Effective Treatment, Therefore Is Very Economic As Well

Use When:

Effective Against Gill & Body Flukes, Tapeworms, Planaria. Treatment Of Fish Infected With Parasitic Worms Such As Dactylogyrus, Gyrodactylus, Planaria, Tape Worm…Etc. Infection Of Ukes Will Cause Fish To Rub Their Body Or Gills Against Aquarium Décor, The Gills May Also Be Inflamed And Abnormally Open Or One Gill Is Completely Shut. Tape Worms May Be Seen Protruding As White Segmented String Protruding Out Of The Fish Anus. To Treat Round Worms Like Capillaria And Camallanus You Need To Use WORMER X™.


Use One Level Measure Of The Included Spoon (1 Gram) For Every 10 Gallons (40 Liters) Of Aquarium Water. After 24 Hours Make 70-100% Water Change And Add The Full Dose (For The Total Water Volume Not Only New Water). It Is Preferable To Mix The Powder Well With Some Aquarium Water In An External Container Then Distribute It Evenly Over The Water Or Pour It In A High Flow Area (Ex: Pump Return).


Add 1-2g/L Salt Along With FlukeX. Repeat The Above Steps For 7-8 Days. Then After 1 Week From Ending The Treatment, Repeat The Full Course Again.

Professional Use:

In Hospital Tanks, With No Feeding And When Using Water Treatment Product To Neutralize Ammonia A Single Dose Can Be Extended To 48 Hours.


  • For A More Effective Treatment Raise The Temperature To 28 29 C If Your Fish Can Handle It. This Will Accelerate The Life Cycle Of Dactylogyrus To Make Sure All All Life Stages Of The Parasite Have Reached Adulthood And Are Killed.
  • The Addition Of Salt At The Rate Of 1g/L During The Treatment Will Enhance It’s Effectiveness By Removing The Mucus That Could Help Shield The Parasite From The Medication.
  • 20g Treats Upto 1320L Aquariums.


Store In A Cool Dry Place, Away From Children Reach. For Use On Ornamental Fish Only, Not Intended For Use On Fish For Human Consumption. FlukeX Will Not Impact The Bio Filter, The Treatment Should Be In The Main Tank For All Fish With Filters Running. If Using In Non Filtered Tank Or After Use Of Chloramine T Or Bactocide (Which Will Kill Bio Filter Bacteria) Use Water Treatment Product That Protect From Ammonia Spikes. It Is Also Advisable To Reduce/Stop Feeding To Preserve Water Quality.



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1 review for Discusx Fluke X(Praziquantel) – Effective Against Gill & Body Flukes, Tapeworms

  1. Vimal

    This medicine did wonder.
    My discus was suffering from gill flukes and they were getting thinner day by day. Treated with Fluke X for three days with a mild dose and fourth day they started eating. 5th day did a medication of Bactocide 2 and now they started recovering ❤️‍🩹.

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