Fritz Complete – Full Spectrum Water Conditioner

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Fritz Complete Is A Concentrated, One-Step, Full-Spectrum Water Conditioner That Detoxifies Chlorine, Chloramine, Heavy Metals, Ammonia, Nitrite And Nitrate. Safe To Use In Fresh And Saltwater, Including Reef And Planted Aquariums. Use When Setting Up New Aquariums, Performing Water Changes Or To Quickly Alleviate High Ammonia, Nitrite And Nitrate. It Is A True All-In-One Water Conditioner And Nitrogen Cycle Management Formula. One-Step Nitrogen Cycle Management Detoxifies Ammonia, Nitrite, Helps Reduce Nitrate Detoxifies Chlorine, Chloramines, And Heavy Metals Does Not Affect PH Safe For Fresh And Saltwater Systems Will Not Overactivate Skimmers Dosage

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Use 1 Tsp (5 Ml) Per 50 U.S. Gallons (189 L). For Smaller Volumes, Use Two Drops Per Gallon. For Best Results, Add Fritz Complete To Tap Water In A Separate Container Before Adding Water To Aquarium. No Equipment Restrictions Necessary No Contraindications: Can Be Used With All Of Our Other Products And Meds Easy Measuring: The 4 Oz, 8 Oz And 16 Oz Bottle Caps Are Approximately 5 ML Volume Make Sure That There Is Plenty Of Water Flow Or Aeration When Dosing. The Active Ingredient Can Reduce The Dissolved Oxygen Quickly When Used In Large Amounts. Avoid Overdosing Or Frequent Dosing If Possible. Overdosed? Observe Livestock For Distress, Perform Small Water Changes If Needed Test With: Chlorine Test Kit, Salicylate-Type Ammonia Test Kit (Those With Yellow/Green Color Charts) And Avoid Nessler-Type Ammonia Test Kits (Those With Yellow/Amber Color Charts)


If Treating Aquarium For Ammonia, Nitrite Or Nitrate, Base Dose On Total Aquarium Volume. For Extremely High Levels Of Chloramine Or Nitrite, Dosage Can Be Repeated Or Increased Up To 5x Within A 24-Hour Period.
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