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Velvet Disease Is A Condition Characterized By A Yellowish, Dusty Aspect On The Skin Of The Fish. The Disease Manifests Itself As A Fine Dust That Is Typically Grey-Yellow In Color, Which Explains Why This Disease Is Also Also Known As Rust Disease Or Gold-Dust Disease.
Velvet Disease Is A Common Occurrence In Aquariums That Undergo Poor Maintenance Conditions. The Following Factors Influence This:
Abrupt Changes In Water Temperature
Introduction Of New Fish Without Quarantine
Tired Fired That Are Lacking In Defenses
Old Water—You Should Be Frequently Changing Your Water.
Introduction Of Plants With Cysts (If Bringing In New Plants, Make Sure To Disinfect Them Prior To Their Introduction)
BNT’s Velvet Aid Has Been Specially Developed For Treatment For Velvet / Gold Dust Disease, Anchor Works, Flukes And Other External Parasites On Fishes Body.

For SALTWATER & Fresh Water Aquarium

Effective Treatment For Ich, Velvet, Anchor Works, Flukes And Other External Parasites.


Aids In General External Parasite Prevention
• Safe & Efficient When Used As Directed
• Just 5ml Per 4 Gallons Of Water

As A Treatment For Velvet/Gold Dust And To Aid In General External Parasite Disease Prevention,
Add 5 ML Per 4 Gallons (15 Litres) Of Water.

Recommended To Use Along With NATURE CARE For Better And Faster Results.

NOTE: Remove All Invertebrates Without An Exoskeleton (Anemones, Jellyfish Etc.) From Aquarium Prior To Treatment. Velvet Aid May Be Harmful To Plants And Some Snails. DO NOT OVERDOSE.No Water Changes, Temperature Or PH Level Adjustments Are Required Prior To Treatment. Maintain All Normal Filtration And Air Flow. Replace Carbon After Completion Of The Treatment. During Water Changes, Treat Replacement Water With Velvet Aid.
Non-Toxic To Humans, Pets & Aquatic Life
For Ornamental Pond And Aquarium Fish Use Only.
Not For Human, Medical Or Food Fish Use.

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