Faux Worms Slowly Sinking Sticks

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The Intan Faux Worms Are Specially Formulated To Mimic The Shape Of Live Worms, As A Safer Alternative To Live Feed, Which Is Messy And Difficult To Obtain. The Consumption Of Live Foods Can Increase Parasitic Loads And Microbial Infections In fish And Facilities. A Delightful Formulation Of "Faux-Worms" Offers You Excellent Nutrition That Is Tasty, Healthy, And Safe While Mimicking Live Worms. image
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  • Natural Colour Enhancement With Sustainable Sources Of Antartic Krill
  • Garlic fights Parasites And Strengthens Immunity
  • Live Food Replacement That Is Just As Palatable
  • Low Water Turbidity
Weight 0.15 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm




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