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Matrix™ Is A High Porosity Biomedia That Provides Efficient Biofiltration For The Removal Of Nitrogenous Waste. Matrix™ Is A Porous Inorganic Solid About 10 Mm In Diameter. Each Liter Of Matrix™ Provides As Much Surface (>~700 M2) As 170 Liters Of Plastic Balls! Plastic Bio-Materials Provide Only External Surface Area, Whereas Matrix™ Provides Both External And Internal Macroporous Surface Area. These Macropores Are Ideally Sized For The Support Of Nitrifying And Denitrifying Bacteria. This Allows Matrix™, Unlike Other Forms Of Biomedia, To Remove Nitrate Along With Ammonia And Nitrite, Simultaneously And In The Same Filter.
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Matrix™ Is Completely Inert And Will Not Breakdown. It Need Not Be Replaced. Since The Majority Of The Bacteria Are Internal, Matrix™ May Be Rinsed When Needed Without Damaging The Filter. Matrix™ Is Compatible With All Types Of Wet Or Wet-Dry Filters.


Use 250 ML Of Matrix™ For Each 200 L (50 US Gallons)** Of Water. Matrix™ May Be Placed In Any Kind Of Filter, And Is Particularly Effective In A Canister Filter. Matrix™ Is Sufficiently Large That No Filter Bag Should Be Required For Most Applications. Matrix™ Works Well In Drip Tray Systems, But You May Find That The Larger Pond Matrix™ Is Better Suited For Such Applications. Use With Stability® To More Rapidly Establish The Bio-Filter.

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